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Vinyl & Linoleum Floor Restoration

Vinyl & Linoleum Floor Restoration

Whilst vinyl floor coverings are resilient underfoot, they become scratched and damaged and will wear out prematurely without protection. Adding layers of topical floor dressings such as high-quality floor polish can dramatically enhance the appearance of your floor and extend its working life. The floor polish becomes a sacrificial layer, which can be maintained. To remove old, worn and soiled coatings beyond maintenance, we use a chemical stripping solution and floor stripping pads. The floor is then thoroughly rinsed to remove left-over residues, and fresh new coats are applied to give your floor new life and make it easy to clean. Once your floor has been deep cleaned and restored with a polish treatment, a periodic floor maintenance programme will keep the look of your floor at the desired level and the surface protection remains intact so the wear on your floor is reduced to a minimum.

The process used to restore Linoleum floors is very similar to Vinyl floor restoration, but with less aggressive cleaning products and methods. Instead of treating the floor with linseed oil after cleaning, more durable coats of acrylic or urethane are more typical coatings. This makes maintenance easier and the Linoleum is visually enhanced with a satin or high gloss appearance. Modern Linoleum floors are now made from Polyvinyl Chloride or PVC, which is much more flame retardant and safer in use. We clean and seal these in exactly the same way as vinyl floor coverings.

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