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Concrete Floor Repair

Concrete Floor Repair

We offer great concrete floor repairs using advanced technology, best technical products and expert knowledge on concrete floor systems to ensure limited downtime, cost saving and increased productivity when repairs have been made. When is a concrete floor in need of repair? Concrete flooring defects range from: Surface cracking, Surface delamination, Uneven surfaces, Joints that have become damaged, curled panels, Structural cracking, drying shrinkage cracking, dusting of the surface, and Pealing/blistering of coatings. Our approach to concrete floor repairs begin with an investigation into the defect and the cause thereof.  It is imperative to the repair of the floor to do a thorough investigation into the cause of the defect, in failing to do so, repair specifications could be incorrect and the incorrect materials used to effect the repairs. Once we have determined the cause, we get to work using our many years of contracting experience and using our excellent, high quality range of products and equipment to ensure the necessary repairs are done.

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